“TACTICS” (Treating Addiction Comorbid Trauma: Insight, Control, Safety) Veteran Specific Program Will Be Paid for by VA & TriWest

LAS VEGAS, NV – May 5, 2021 – CrossRoads of Southern Nevada, NV’s largest drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, today announced they have signed a deal with The Department of Veterans Affairs and TriWest to begin offering treatment options specific to veterans in the Silver State.

“One of the groups of people who tend to really suffer through past trauma and addictions is veterans,” said Dave Marlon, CEO of CrossRoads. “We have extensive experience treating veterans with trauma and substance use disorders. While we are glad to help treat anyone who wants help, we are honored to treat men and women who have served our country. There is no higher calling in my opinion.”

We’ve long thought we could provide the needed treatment to veterans who are suffering, and I’m thrilled to announce that now we have those services available. Our ‘Tactics’ program will offer hope to many Nevada veterans who thought they could never get their past trauma or addiction under control.”

TACTICS is a specialized three leveled closed therapeutic/Psycho-Educational program that has been specifically designed to help Veterans with Substance Use, Mental Health, Trauma, Lifestyle/Wellness and other addiction with co-morbidity based treatment needs. CrossRoads program additionally provides full medical, psychiatric and other health related services.

Members of TACTICS participate in an innovative program that focuses on their recovery with the support of versatile trained staff and health care providers. CrossRoads program has been designed by a team of professionals. This includes Veterans and First Responders who have similar experiences and understanding to obtain and draw from a wide range of knowledge.

The TACTICS program will offer the following services:

· Groups/Classes

· 12 Step Meetings & Groups

· Physical Training & Nutrition

· Recreational Activities

· Individual Therapy

· Group Therapy

· Recovery Oriented Challenge Therapy

· Family Therapy & Program

· Veteran Designed and Veteran Run Program

*If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse disorder, CrossRoads can help. Contact CrossRoads today at 702-382-7746.

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Founded in 2017, CrossRoads of Southern Nevada approaches care of the most vulnerable of our population – those with addiction issues, mental health issues, and those with co-occurring addiction and mental health struggles – with a whole-person approach. Depending on clients’ individual needs and partnering providers’ input, it is our goal that patients will remain with CrossRoads as long determined by their individualized case plans and individually established client goals. CrossRoads provides clients with a continuum of care with a variety of wrap around services, in partnership with many strategic partners.