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Learn more about alcohol & drug addiction treatment at CrossRoads’ Las Vegas Rehab in Southern Nevada

When individuals become stuck in a pattern of ongoing, problematic use of drugs or alcohol to the point that it begins to hinder their ability to function appropriately on a daily basis, they are likely suffering from a substance use disorder. Despite the known detriments that addictions to drugs and alcohol can impose on an individual’s life, unfortunately, there are many who remain caught in the tortuous cycle of substance abuse. When individuals are suffering from addictions, they quickly replace things that were once priorities with the acquisition and consumption of their drugs of choice. In doing so, they are causing monumental disruption in not only their lives, but in the lives of their loved ones as well.

At CrossRoads’ Las Vegas Rehab, we recognize the tremendous devastation that addictions can elicit, yet we also realize how difficult overcoming a battle with drugs or alcohol can be. For this reason, we are proud to have created specialized programming options that are designed to help individuals put their addictions to rest once and for all. At CrossRoads, we do not judge people for struggling with addictions, but instead, we empower them by giving them the tools they need to achieve a life of sobriety.


  • Helping a loved one get treatment for alcohol & drug addictionIf you have a friend or loved one who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you likely experience much worry on a daily basis. Besides being concerned for the health and wellbeing of your loved one, you may also feel extremely frustrated, or even resentful, towards him or her for placing him or herself is such a perilous position. By gaining an understanding of the disease of addiction, however, you can overcome such frustrations and resentment and, instead, become a guiding force in assisting your loved one in getting the help that he or she needs. The following are a few examples of things that you can do to make a positive intervention in your loved one’s life:
    • Research the signs, symptoms, and effects of an addiction to the specific substance or substances that your loved one is abusing. Additionally, learn about the potential signs of overdose and devise a plan for how to handle such a situation should it occur.
    • Inquire about various treatment interventions that have proven effectiveness in helping individuals successfully combat addictions. Reading books, searching the internet, and reaching out to sources within the community can all be wonderful ways in which to obtain information that can help you determine which treatment interventions may be of most benefit to your loved one.
    • Engage your loved one in an open and honest conversation where you express your fears and concerns, while also allowing him or her to share his or her own thoughts and feelings. Go into the conversation realizing that it is very possible that your loved one will respond negatively and may become angry and/or defensive. Remain calm and patient. Be persistent, yet refrain from passing judgment on your loved one.
    • Present your loved one with the research you have done regarding possible treatment interventions. Assist him or her in finding a treatment center that will best meet his or her needs. Offer your support by offering to contact the center for him or her, or by accompanying him or her to any appointments that may be scheduled.
    • If your loved one does make the brave decision to receive treatment, be a beacon of support throughout the entire process. Help make accommodations to alleviate any hindrances that may prevent him or her from being able to fully engage in treatment. This can include things such as helping to arrange for child care, providing transportation, or helping take care of daily responsibilities around the home.
    • Be an active part of your loved one’s treatment process. If made available, attend any family sessions or support groups. This will show your loved one that he or she is not alone. Additionally, consistently check in with your loved one to see how he or she is doing, as well as to demonstrate your ongoing love, support, and encouragement.


  • Why consider treatment for substance addiction at CrossRoads’ Las Vegas Rehab in Southern NevadaReceiving treatment for a substance abuse problem can often mean the difference between life and death. Individuals who are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol are consistently in a perilous position of suffering from countless negative detriments as a result of their actions. Their physical and mental health is constantly in jeopardy as the abuse of substances can result in irreversible cognitive impairment, heart damage, lung damage, failure of vital organs, contractions of diseases, weakened immune systems, and the onset of new, or worsening of current, symptoms of mental health disorders. Additionally, untreated substance use disorders can also cause extreme upset in other facets of an individual’s life as well. Marriages or partnerships can crumble, child custody may be lost, and careers can be tarnished. Furthermore, those who abuse drugs or alcohol are at an ever-present risk for experiencing an overdose, which has the potential to be fatal. By opting to receive comprehensive care in order to put an end to one’s addiction, however, such detriments can be avoided or overcome.


Located in the heart of Las Vegas, situated near the UMC medical corridor, CrossRoads’ Las Vegas Rehab is an exceptional provider of evidence-based addiction treatment for men and women over the age of 18. With a steadfast mission of offering individuals who are struggling with addictions the comprehensive and compassionate care that they need to excel in their recoveries, at CrossRoads’ Las Vegas Rehab, the staff strives to help those who are entrusted into their care find the hope, motivation, and encouragement that they need to obtain a life of sobriety.

Delivered by an exemplary staff of professionals who have devoted their lives to helping individuals win the war against substance abuse and addiction, the treatment offered at CrossRoads is incomparable. Here, this is a sense that every member of the staff is not only passionate about what they do, but that they also pour all of their energy into the process of helping people recover. The genuine care and concern that is demonstrated begins from the moment a prospective individual arrives. Individualized treatment plans are devised in order to allow each individual to find healing in the exact manner that will be of most benefit to him or her. Through a person-centered approach, the unique needs and concerns of each individual are at the forefront of care as he or she embarks on the road to recovery.

During a individuals’s time at CrossRoads’ Las Vegas Rehab, the following therapeutic interventions may be incorporated into his or her overall plan of care:

Medication management: In situations where a individual is suffering from the symptoms of a mental health condition in addition to his or her struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, he or she can meet with a psychiatrist as often as needed in order to ensure that he or she receives appropriate medicinal interventions. The members of the individual’s treatment team, as well as other staff members, will be available to monitor the administration of medications in order to ensure that the individual’s safety is preserved at all times. Additionally, if changes need to be made to one’s medication regimen during his or her time at CrossRoads, the psychiatrist can assist so that the medications being used are optimal in their effectiveness.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy can be an invaluable tool for individuals who are working to overcome the compulsion to use substances. The sessions consist of one-to-one meetings between a individual and his or her assigned primary counselor. They provide individuals with a safe and confidential environment in which they can discuss concerns, process through challenges, and celebrate successes.

Group therapy: Group therapy is another essential intervention in helping individuals not only succeed in recovery, but also thrive in maintaining their sobriety for the long-term. When individuals are battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, it is not uncommon for them to feel isolated from the world around them. They frequently fail to realize that they are not alone in their struggles. By engaging in group therapy, these individuals can benefit from gaining support from and offering support to others who understand first-hand the turbulent nature of addiction. The topics covered within these sessions are tailored so that they are applicable to the particular challenges that the individuals in that group are facing. Examples of such topics may include:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Powerlessness and unmanageability
  • Self-awareness
  • Demystifying addiction
  • Mindfulness
  • Acceptance

When individuals take part in programming at CrossRoads’ Las Vegas Rehab, they become part of an extended family. All individuals are treated with the honor, respect, and dignity that they deserve, while also being afforded the life-saving interventions that can help them achieve lifelong sobriety. By offering care that is tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs, the staff at CrossRoads provides education, physical nurturing, and structured discipline so that those who choose to heal at CrossRoads can successfully overcome their addictions to drugs or alcohol and succeed in finding a future that is happy, healthy, and substance-free.

If you or someone in your life is battling a substance use disorder and could benefit from the life-changing and life-saving care that is available at CrossRoads, please do not hesitate to contact the knowledgeable professionals at this premiere treatment center. At Crossroad’s Las Vegas Rehab, the bonds of addiction can be broken and a new life can begin.





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