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Founded in 2017, CrossRoads of Southern Nevada approaches care of the most vulnerable of our population – those with addiction issues, mental health issues, and those with co-occurring addiction and mental health struggles – with a whole-person approach. Depending on clients’ individual needs and partnering providers’ input, it is our goal that patients will remain with CrossRoads as long determined by their individualized case plans and individually established client goals. CrossRoads provides clients with a continuum of care with a variety of wrap around services, in partnership with many strategic partners. 

What is Crossroads?

“A substance abuse treatment center”

“An emergency medical detox facility that deals with the mental health side of things”

“A detox facility for a whole diverse set of people: court-ordered, parole, hospital referrals. We take all insurances and even the uninsured. We also have a 90-day program. Sober living with intensive outpatient programs to help them transition back into the community.”

“A drug and alcohol treatment and detox”

The journey for a patient at Crossroads begins when they step in the door and are greeted by the front desk. They are ushered into triage after answering a few questions, and their belongings are confiscated for safekeeping.

In triage, they are provided with a hot meal, and our staff of nurses provides a medical intake assessment. Patients are then offered a shower, fresh change of clothes, and a clean bed in a medical unit segregated based on sex.

Once on the unit, they are routinely monitored by techs, and their vitals are taken to ensure they have a safe detox. Doctors provide medical assessments and prescribe medication they may need, both for the physical and mental needs.

Crossroads provides Case management to patients and residents. Case management helps with resources, ID, Social security, rent vouchers, doctor’s appointments, therapy appointments, meetings near or around, placement-sober living, transitional house, long term treatment.

The Clinical team provides biopsychosocial evaluation to assess mental health and evaluate if a patient requires a higher level of care.

Crossroads provides housing for individuals that want to be in a sober living environment, partaking in IOP. The housing program provides a safe and supportive environment for people that are in recovery. We also offer parole services through contracted services with the Clark County Corrections for offenders placed in a diversion-type program.

Crossroads works with community partners to offer services to the most neglected and underserved community members: the homeless. Homeless individuals often suffer from substance abuse, mental health issues, and commonly a combination of both. Crossroads is the first step in their journey to getting off the streets in addressing substance abuse and mental health issues.

Crossroads uses the Homeless Management Information System. HMIS is a database that we use to provide services for uninsured people, or we are not able to get authorization from insurance, so we bill them under Clark County; CC now accesses HMIS and sees what services we provide for them, whether that would be case management, medical screening, H & Ps.

Crossroads also help enroll people in insurance. Whether it’s Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance, getting people insured helps ensure that people won’t be denied proper treatment for lack of insurance well after they have left Crossroads.

Above all, Crossroads is a collective group of individual professionals who do God’s work to help the less fortunate, underprivileged, underserved, and forgotten members of society. They do this with a whole lot of love, patience, empathy, and patience.

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