About Us

Founded in 2017, CrossRoads of Southern Nevada approaches care of the most vulnerable of our population – those with addiction issues, mental health issues, and those with co-occurring addiction and mental health struggles – with a whole-person approach. Depending on clients’ individual needs and partnering providers’ input, it is our goal that patients will remain with CrossRoads as long determined by their individualized case plans and individually established client goals. CrossRoads provides clients with a continuum of care with a variety of wrap around services, in partnership with many strategic partners.

Our Mission

The well-being of each person we serve is at the heart of CrossRoads of Southern Nevada. By providing the tools and the team we aim for a clear path to productive futures. Our focus is addressing the mental health and substance abuse challenges of each individual and our community as a whole.

Our Vision Statement

CrossRoads of Southern Nevada is a person-centered organization that prioritizes the care of individuals above all other considerations. We utilize a multi-dimensional intervention approach focusing on socio-economic, physical and emotional needs. We are dedicated to providing hope to those who are overwhelmed and to restoring lives one journey at a time.

At CrossRoads of Southern Nevada, it’s never too late to become what you might have been.

Our Core Values

To Meet a Need –
We strive to improve the quality of life of each person we serve by addressing their
socio-economic, physical and emotional needs

Innovate –
Continually working to refine processes and create more effective ways to serve our community

Empathy –
Professionalism and compassion are exercised at the highest level

Respect –
Treating all individuals with respect, recognition and dignity

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Insurance Accepted

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