Know that when you seek treatment for you or a loved one, you are doing the right thing. You are making a courageous decision to seek long-term sobriety.

Starting the Admissions Process

At CrossRoads of Southern Nevada Las Vegas Rehab, we understand the fears and worries that can accompany the decision to finally get help for a problem with alcohol or another drug. Regardless of how much a person has suffered, admitting that a problem exists and entrusting oneself into the care of others are pivotal moments that can understandably cause a person to second-guess him or herself or engage in moments of self-doubt.

Whether you have already decided to get help, or you are still in process of researching programs and determining what option is best for you, your efforts have brought you closer to the solutions that you have been searching for. If you choose CrossRoads, we will of course make every effort to help you achieve and surpass your objectives; if your path leads you in another direction, we will continue to respect your courage and celebrate your entry into the recovery community. From your first day in treatment until long after you have completed our program and returned home, you should feel that CrossRoads values you as a unique human being who is worthy of being treated with the utmost respect and dignity. CrossRoads of Southern Nevada Las Vegas Rehab provides a well-structured program with weekly scheduled activities to provide the highest level of success.

Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria for CrossRoads in Southern Nevada

The feeling of being a respected individual should begin even before you enter treatment at CrossRoads. It should start with your first phone call, and be instilled into the entire admissions process. At CrossRoads, the admissions process is not something to be dreaded or merely endured; instead, it should serve as an introduction to the efficiency, positivity, and productiveness that will we hope will characterize your entire experience with us.

When you have decided CrossRoads is the place for you or your loved one, you will begin working with experienced professionals whose skills are equaled only by their compassion and dedication. The following paragraphs will provide you with some insights into what you can expect as you transition into treatment.

First, it is important to understand what services we offer and who we are designed to serve. CrossRoads of Southern Nevada Las Vegas Rehab provides comprehensive medical detoxification services to adult men and women ages 18 and above who have developed an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. We understand that many people who struggle with substance abuse and chemical dependency may also experience a variety of co-occurring mental health disorders. At CrossRoads, we offer an integrated treatment program to help address these underlying issues. Some of the most common mental health disorders we treat are anxiety, depression, and trauma. We do require that all individuals be ambulatory.

If you or your loved one meets this criteria, you may begin the admissions process by contacting us directly, or by being referred by a doctor, therapist, or other professional with whom you are already working. A member of our staff will be available to speak to you and to begin the intake and admissions process 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

During Admission

The CrossRoads admission process will take approximately two hours, consisting of a one-hour medical assessment and a one-hour comprehensive psychiatric assessment with a licensed clinical. During this conversation, the staff member with whom you speak can answer all of your questions about payment terms and arrangements. If you intend to use insurance to pay for care at CrossRoads, we can work with your provider to verify coverage and ensure that you are able to access all the insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Once you have completed this initial phase, your information will be reviewed by our Chief Medical Officer and Chief Clinical Officer and other member of our leadership team to confirm that CrossRoads can provide the care that you need. When this review results in authorization for admission, you will be admitted into a semi-private room and our staff will discuss the start of treatment.

For more information about admissions or any other aspect of treatment at CrossRoads of Southern Nevada Las Vegas Rehab, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have and helping you to make the best decision for yourself or for a loved one.

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