CrossRoads’ Las Vegas Rehab wants to make your stay at our facility as comfortable and relaxing as possible. To achieve this, and to get you or your loved one in the right frame of mind for treatment, we provide a regiment for the mind, body, and soul.

Recover Physically As Well As Mentally

Addiction has a nasty tendency to wreak havoc on your body as well as your spirit. While you are busy recuperating in spirit during counseling and educational sessions, we’ve made sure to include healthy, nutritious food and exercise options for you so you can begin to renew your body.

Home-Cooked, Fresh, Healthy, Nutritious Meals

Everyone raves about the food at CrossRoads. Our passionate and caring chefs understand their role to be an extremely critical part of recovery. Enjoy three fresh, healthy and delicious meals a day as well as a snack before bed.

If you’ve been addicted to drugs or alcohol for any amount of time, your body is probably malnourished. We believe that rest, exercise, and good food are an important part of recovery.

We’ve invested in quality chefs who love to prepare healthy and delicious meals and snacks every day.

Tailored to You

Do you have any special dietary needs or allergies? CrossRoads chefs will do everything they can to make sure you can observe these during your stay.

Recreation & Activities

Time to fellowship, relax, and regain your strength. Our onsite Activities Director has a variety of individual, small and group activities planned. Although your schedule will be busy with counseling and educational sessions, you will also have some time to rest and relax.

Experience The CrossRoads Difference


Have a friend or family member struggling?

Ask to be transferred to an addiction specialist to discuss your loved one.

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Insurance Accepted

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